Dream Destination: Palau


You seem magical.

With your maze of rock islands, your lush,green scenery, and don’t forget about those crystal clear waters!

Now lets get to the fun facts: Locally the island nation is known as Belau and it was actually the Germans who gave it is current name. Palau used to be a U.S territory but became in independent nation in 1994. It is also a great diving spot. What I really would love to do is kayak through the rock islands!

So how do you get there?

Palau is 2.5hrs from the Philippines and 7.5 hrs from Hawaii. From Chicago, it looks like it would take about 25 hrs :/

I think the best way to do these trips is to break the trip up. By that I mean spend a night or two in California, perhaps visit some friends or check out Hollywood. Then make your way to your final destination. For more information about Palau you can visit http://pristineparadisepalau.com/main.html