7 Amazing Honeymoon Spots 2018

It is 2018 and that means it is the year I get married! Currently, only 6 months away. As the wedding approaches, I keep getting more and more excited, but I also am getting pumped for our honeymoon in the Seychelles! It was not an easy decision because there are so many destinations (beaches) to choose from ๐Ÿ˜‰ . My fiancรฉ prefers mountains and hiking. That being said, my wonderful fiance is not opposed at all to relaxing on a beautiful beach. Plus, there are mountains on most islands. So the Seychelles was a perfect fit: beautiful beaches plus mountains. Isn’t that part of marriage? Compromising on each others needs? Personally, I enjoy the scenic landscapes of mountains and hills on an island better. There is nothing more beautiful than hiking up to the top of a mountain and enjoying the magnificent views from a-top.

In this post I will go over the destinations we were thinking about going to and one that we chose. We have never been to any of the places before. While reading this, perhaps you will fall in love with one of these destinations and decide to go there on your honeymoon!


Beach on La Digue. Photo from theculturetrip.com

I thought I would start with the destination we have chosen to go to first! The Seychelles! This gorgeous group of 115 African islands is located in the Indian Ocean. You can expect to find giant aldabra tortoises, world famous beaches, and mountain rainforests. The Seychelles are home to some unique things such as the coco de mer, giant boulders that lay on the beaches, and an island called Bird Island because it has many wonderful birds that flock there. The capital of the Seychelles is Victoria and is located on Mahe. Mahe is the largest of the archipelago with the islands of Praslin and La Digue being the second and third largest. For our honeymoon trip we have decided to stay for 2 weeks. During that time we will stay on three islands: Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. This trip is a little dream come true for me because I have always wanted to stay longer than a week on an island. We did go through a travel agency calledย Turquoise Holidays. We worked with a wonderful agent and hopefully we will have an amazing, romantic, and sun filled honeymoon! I will do a follow up post about our honeymoon as well!

Cook Islands

photo from Island Escapes

What drew me to this location was that the water looked aaaamazing! Crystal clear, calm and shallow waters, its like being in an outside giant bathtub. The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific, halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Rarotonga is the largest island with Aitutaki following close behind. I specifically liked Aitutaki because of it’s gorgeous lagoon. I love how it is protected by the reef that surrounds the island. This is also what makes the water so calm. Very dreamy and romantic. I defiantly want to make it here! Also, they do have over the water huts like Bora Bora but I saw some beach villas that seemed more interesting because you have your very own beachfront. I almost did not want to tell you about this place because I want to keep it a secret, shhh! For more information about the gorgeous Cook Islands clickย here!

Paul Gauguin Cruise: Tahiti and The Society Islands

Photo from travelquesttours.com

The South Pacific is a popular honeymoon destination and it is not surprising why. With its clear water, over-the-water huts, and coral reefs. What is not to love? When you think of the South Pacific you think of Fiji, Bora Bora, and Tahiti. We loved the idea of an over-the-water bungalow but we are an active couple we were not sure if we would get bored staying in one place for a week. Then we discovered the Paul Gauguin cruises. What was special about the award winning Paul Gauguin cruises is that you get to see not one but multiple South Pacific islands in one trip. Since it is so far from Chicago, it is hard to think when we would be able to make it back. What I liked about these cruises was that the ship was small, and food, beverages, and airfare was included in the price. You are also able to access the parts of the islands that larger ships cannot. If you are tired of staying on ship you have the option to stay in an over the water hut for a night! The Paul Gauguin cruise did not make the cut because we wanted to have a longer then a week honeymoon but staying longer would not be in our budget. It will still be in our bucket list though! For more information about the Paul Gauguin cruises check out the website: ย https://www.pgcruises.com


Bermuda is not technically a Caribbean Island but pictures of it would make you think so. Bermuda is the first island that the Beach Boys name in their song “Kokomo”. Bermuda is a British island territory and is known for its beautiful pinkย sand beaches. The island has plenty of amazing beaches and resorts to stay at. There are a few newer hotels currently being built and the 2017 America’s Cup was held there. Bermuda would have probably made a lot of sense since it is the closest, just 2 hours from New York and 5 hours from Chicago with flights being relatively inexpensive. Bermuda seemed a little too easy for us at this time in our life. We figured we should use the time and flexibility we have to now to go somewhere far and a place where we would probably not go again. However, I highly recommend Bermuda as a quick and easy getaway especially if you live on the East coast of the United States. You can find an quick last minute getaway for a good priceย here!


Australia was alluring because it has so many beaches and unique animals. The Great Barrier Reef is there which is a must see. Unfortunately, there are threats to the Great Barrier Reef due to climate change, fishing, and poor water quality. Those threats made this place something we would like to see before it goes away. Australia is also home to the Whitsunday Islands, which the Great Barrier Reef is part of. The Whitsunday Islands consists of 74 islands and most are national parks. We thought about sailing through these islands, with a caption though because neither of us know how to sail. As far as the animals there is one unique animal there called the cassowary. It is actually one of the most dangerous birds. Similar to an emu or ostrich but with beautiful colorful faces. They have this one claw that is extremely sharp and long and can easily cut you. They reminded me of the closest living thing to a dinosaur, a raptor and they are actually called the rainforest dinosaur. But do not be afraid because they are endangered and like all animals if you annoy or bother them they will fight back. I could write a whole post about them if I wanted to but you can find more info about this bird hereย โ†’http://savethecassowary.org.au/the-cassowary/ . Australia would be a dream honeymoon however it would be winter there during the time we would go. So our options would be to wait a few months to go during actual winter here or go during winter there. Since one of our priorities was to be able to enjoy the water, we wanted the weather to be warm and we did not want to wait. Therefore, Australia, you were cut from the list. One day we will make it there!


Long-tail boat, photo from Shutterstock

Thailand seems to have such a unique landscape. What attracted me to it was those odd looking limestone cliffs rising out of the emerald waters. Imagine getting to kayak through those?! Other things that attracted me to Thailand is they have these unique looking boats, called long-tail boats, and they usually have something colorful tied to the top of the boat. Also, Thailand is also so much cheaper than everything else. You could stay in a luxury hotel for half the price of somewhere else in the Caribbean. When I heard there is an island named James Bond Island I was immediately hooked. That island is located in Southern Thailand and it actually appeared in two 007 movies: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). It is 25 km or 15 miles from Phuket and you can get there by a long-tail boat! Unfortunately, Thailand was not chosen as our honeymoon spot. One of the main reasons was that it would be monsoon season (July-October) when we would have gone. Otherwise, it is defiantly on our wish list!


Harbour at dusk, Pythagorion, Samos, Aegean Islands, Greece, Photo from Travel and Leisure magazine

Europe will forever be a must see destination. With all of it history and culture what is not to enjoy? Europe also has many beach destinations. The Greek Islands, Italian coast, and Coratian coastline are some of the options we were thinking of. ย We thought about sailing in the Greek Islands. I always thought it would be fun to sleep on a boat and have the movement of the water rock you to sleep, ZZZZzzZZZ. Italy has the Amalfi coast which is postcard perfect with its colorful houses, great food, and amazing views from the mountaintops. Croatia has a stunning coastline, incredible national parks, and has a big boating community. The only issue we faced was that we wanted the honeymoon to be in August/September and Europe is known to carry hefty price tags during these months. But if we were traveling at any other time of year we would have done it.

If I could, I would visit all of these places on my honeymoon! I know you would too ๐Ÿ˜‰ If any of these island escapes interested you, feel free to explore travel optionsย here!


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