Hello 2018!!!

Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018!

A lot of stuff happened in 2017, but the big stuff that I will remember are the monster hurricanes that raged through the beautiful Caribbean and the joyful moment of getting engaged on those islands a few months prior!

Proposal in a beach hut on Scrub Island

I am very excited about this upcoming year. Why? Because of I am getting married! I have not written in a while because of this reason.. basically I felt very busy with all the fun and stressful wedding planning. In case you want to know, I will be getting married in July here in Chicago. I wanted to get married in the USVI but then the hurricanes came 🙁 . However, we did get as close as possible to water for our wedding. We are getting married at a beautiful church and then our reception is right on the waters of Lake Michigan in summertime Chicago (the best time in Chicago).

This year also brings some trips. We will be heading to Costa Rica in April and of course we have our honeymoon trip, yay! We will be spending a two week honeymoon in… the Seychelles! The Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean, about 4 hours from Dubai. It is going to be a very, very long flight but very, very well worth it! 🙂


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