3 Best Places to Get Your Tropical Vibe on in Chicago

When you think of Chicago, you do not necessarily think palm trees, ocean, and sunshine because it is exactly the opposite of that. Instead you may think of windy and cold. For people trying to forget about the wind, cold and craziness you can discover these hidden tropical gems: Three Dots and a Dash, Lost Lake, and Island Party Hut. Currently speaking, it is snowing and I think I could use one of these places to escape to…

Three Dots and a Dash

Three Dots and a Dash is an authentic tiki bar located in the River North area of downtown Chicago. The fun starts when you try to find this gem. It has no typical store front, instead you have to go down an alley upon where you will find tiki torches and a man standing next to a door. Once inside you have to go down some stairs with a ceiling filled with blue lit skulls. Once in the bar you will be transferred to paradise with tropical music playing, a hut like bar, and the waiters and waitresses (known as the tiki team) are dressed in Hawaiian shirts and dresses. RUM, so much rum! There is plenty of to go around and your drinks come in amazing and unique glasses and decorated like crazy. Each drink usually comes with an orchid, some tropical fruit on a skewer, a fun mixing stick, a   leaf from a pineapple, and of course a straw 🙂 . Oh, one more important thing to remember: These drinks are STRONG. But you would not know it because they do an excellent job of masking all the alcohol inside. As a matter of fact, they even let you know which drinks are the strongest by putting a little skull on the bottom of the description of each drink that is considered “strong” or shall I say deadly? They even have a Painkiller which tastes pretty close to the one at the Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke, good job Three Dots and a Dash! For more info ⇒ http://threedotschicago.com

Lost Lake

I consider Lost Lake to be the sister tiki bar to Three Dots and a Dash. It is located in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Banana leaf wallpaper covers the walls here with dim lighting, and a corner of hanging puffer fish lights along with a beach hut type bar. The tiki drinks come with all the fun fixings like at Three Dots and a Dash. The drinks are also equally strong 😉 . One thing different about Lost Lake is that they have their own Lost Lake beer, which I thought was tasty. For more info ⇒ http://www.lostlaketiki.com


Island Party Hut

Island Party Hut is an island paradise right on the Chicago riverwalk. It is a seasonal, dog friendly bar filled with nautical and tiki decor, island music, and fun and games. They also have live trop-rock music Thur-Sun, party boat rentals, and food. The drinks don’t come in fancy cups with a lot of fun fixings but I think the pull for this bar is that you get the outdoor location. When the weather is nice in Chicago all you want to do is be outside and when this happens Island Party Hut is the place to be especially with the added bonus of being right on the water. For more info ⇒ http://www.islandpartyhut.com

Where is your favorite tiki bar? I would love to visit it! Cheers!


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