Hi! I am Jillian and I am a lover of crystal clear, warm ocean waters, the Caribbean, sunshine, beach living, and traveling. When I am not daydreaming about island living I work hard as an operating room RN in Chicago. I grew up in Chicago and have a love-hate relationship with it, mostly weather related. My mom started taking me down to Florida every year since I was 6 yrs old and as I grew older it was becoming the highlight of my year. Then I saw the movie Jaws. My love for Florida was still there but I feared being in water that wasn’t crystal clear. My first trip to the Caribbean was in Cayman Islands. I immediately fell in love, especially because the water was sooo clear and I figured I could spot a shark if it were to come by me πŸ˜‰ That was 10 years ago and since then I have gone on trips to many different islands. I hope to continue for a long time and if you would like, you can follow alongΒ and read about my recent adventures, product reviews, and tips for traveling.



Cayman Islands


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